Ahad, 15 Mei 2011

piss OFF beybeyh (!)

tayamm , now i know wat the mean of ur love to me .
tahnks tayam (!) i will never back to u again . i'm soo piss off u . like HELL i wait for u to support me . but just damn shit i got when u never care off me . so , if i know u looking for someone that PERFECT .
with good attitude & IQ'S high , go onn beybeh :)) now i dont care . thanks tayam , for support me when i at home & school . i miss u so much dear . but now u'r my PAST . just past . our long-relationship just ended
within 7 weeks . that's so lame off u !

RAWWR (!) i had now forget u . dont call me IS again :)

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