Jumaat, 30 Julai 2010

lebam biji mata:))

*hurm my tears drop wen writiing this entries

ai nie kul 12:29am bersamaan 31 julai 2010.

i feel really sad coz, after 1:00pm , i will be gone to the boarding school again.
sya x nak b'rpisah ngan familly. don't want to. but  have to go. STMFP is the road to the succes future.
my mom always reminds me:

'dik, study always b'coz i want to see u succes in future. don't dispoint me and ur father. thinks bout ur familly'

 then, my tears drop down from a pair of innocent eyes. i hug my belove mom. this too hurt. the hurt are really pain than broke up with my BF. urgghhh!! my soul are struggle frome familly hope and my request!!
but wat can i do, i just can pray to GOD , to give me he good choice on steps of my life.

life is unexpected!!

w e l c o m e :D

ahahhaha~ hi,hello,and hey!!
i'm still new , but don't worry i allredy have manny story to share out :))
sometimes, FRIENDS can't be describe with WORDS. yeah that's right . as i know i really love my  friends
and i know dey lobe me too!! ahaks~

dat's all prom me:D